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May 15, 2007 - Although never a devotee of The Reverend Jerry Falwell (and really don't know much about him) I can't help but admire someone who lived his faith to the fullest and defended his faith against governmental encroachments based on a phrase in a Jeffersonian letter.

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 Nov. 3, 2005 If a church rents out a room for voting - they've rented their entire church property without knowing it (according to Americans United!)

The Reverend Lynn, exalted president* 

of Americans United for Separation

of Church and State thinks “If you're a resident

of Texas, you must accept decimation

of the rights of a church, who must open their property

to political attacks against the decree

of their own belief,"

for to be brief,

he thinks "state law permits politicking

more than 100 feet from a  polling place

although the property owner is kicking!"

But that just plain hasn't a trace

of truth. The law just  PROHIBITS

politicking in that 100 foot space

and never inhibits

your defense of your  place.


(But he said in his website (next to last paragraph)

waxing pompous and regal,

political signs at a church are ILLEGAL!)


Reverend Lynn - must a labor union hall

permit anti-union signs if some small

area's used for precinct voting?

and now lest you're gloating


Must a school with a polling place

host a meeting

bent on defeating

a school levy? Must the school give them space?


And would you take it too hard

to see a Vote Republican sign

in your own front yard?

In short, Rev., do you wish only  to besmirch



I Don't wish to be base, Reverend Lynn,

but you're a nut case.




Yet  RevLynn also says it's illegal for a church to post CAMPAIGN SIGNS (scroll to next to last paragraph) on their lawn. Thus the church can't post signs on their own property but must permit others to post signs they disagree with.


* Yes, I know - "president" isn't his correct title but I couldn't think of a good rhyme for "executive director."


Jerry Falwell

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Remember on television when Pat Robertson beheaded that guy with a butcher knife?
Remember when Jerry Falwell demanded the assasination of a former Christian for converting to Islam?
Remember when James Dobson led his followers to crash planes into buildings in Mecca?
Neither do I. But I remember the March 13, 2006 post where Americans United villified Pat Robertson for being less than courteous to Islam.
Personally I don't mind letting Robertson defend himself for his sometimes strident rhetoric. But I do mind the hypocrisy of people whose mission in life appears to be venting their rage against the Christian Right while shrugging off Islam's  crimes against society with a condescending "to condemn an entire religion because of the behavior of some ......." 
And how anyone who watches the news (or talks to anyone who tried to buy a house in the Islamic neighborhoods of Dearborn MI.) could doubt that  "the goal of Islam .... is world domination" is beyond me.

Pat Robertson

As part of the Lynn-Robertson feud apparantly Robertson had said that "Separation" would prevent a city-owned fire station from fighting a fire in a burning church, and Rev.Lynn smirks “And don’t worry, Pat, if your studio catches on fire, I’ll expect the Virginia Beach fire department to come and put it out. If they don’t, give me a call and we’ll sue them.”
Cute reply. And does Lynn guarantee the City won't bill Robertson for their expense of dousing the fire? Surely some cash-strapped city would have invoiced the, say, First Apostolic Church for fire-fighting expenses, if there's "a wall of separation, high and impregnable" (in the words of Supreme Court justice Hugo Black). But if the law bases its legal opinion on the First Amendment, and not on the "Separation" slogan, what city attorney would advise his client "I think we could convince the court that, if we had put out the fire without charging for expenses, we would have established the Apostolic denomination as the official religion of  Who-ville?"

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  click May 11, 2006  The Last Paragraph says Pat Robertson, in an incindiary comment, said Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was a punishment from God for giving land to the Palestinians. No he didn't.
Regardless, it was Sharon's mistake, forcing his own people out of their homes and giving the land to the Palestinians who showed their gratitude by putting into office a government sworn to destroy Israel.  But Robertson didn't say God was punishing Sharon.  At least if I'm to believe the Americans United website, Jan 5, 2006Robertson said it was part of God's plan to keep his land in his own hands. And it could be true for all I know. At least the belief that God conducts the universe in such a way that his plans are not thwarted is pretty mainstream theology. But Robertson is, according to Rev. Lynn, "increasingly shrill and paranoid."
The diplomatically worded Americans United website refers to the Christian Right with such terms as paranoid, offensive, shameless, virulent attack, mean spirited, unabashadly partisan, political agenda for the entire world, and troubling pattern of extremism.
Maybe Rev. Lynn should hire a good website proofreader. And adopt a little less strident rhetoric himself.

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