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It took the academy award for documentaries even though its "facts" were based mainly on the chief character's imagination. Which says something about the integrity of Hollywood.

It’s a genuine threat to our planet! Let’s prove it!
If there’s any doubt in the world’s mind just remove it
THAT will prove to the world that the world's at its bleak end.
Science says: seas may rise a  ; which is plenty.
But "a few," says Al Gore, really means
"In defining the Truth," says Al, "I'll be lenient,
for sometimes, let's face it, the Truth's inconvenient."
(I know, opening week-end is now long, long past. But so long as Gore keeps that nutty message "I pledge to see it on opening week-end" on the net I'll keep this doggerel here.)

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Barbra Streisand, actress, songstress, and self-renouned shrink and what the heck do you think!

The President's compulsion was to outdo his dad

by winning the white house twice and his best launching pad

was ignoring Afghanistan after 9-11.

She says invading Iraq was his seventh heaven.
(At least that's the truth based on Barbra's clock,

who thinks that the Taliban was in Iraq.)

And he “knew” that Iraq had no WMD’s

but he “lied” that they did – (with complete guarantees

that after invading we’d find he was lying

and he’d win in 2004, not even trying

for everyone wants to vote for a liar.)

Believe that? That is Barbra’s fervent desire!



Hollywood - Where a person so ignorant of the news as to have never heard that we went to war with Afghanistan after 9-11 can give political speeches, and liberals will listen.

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"NARAL Pro- Choice"


Is it still  Journalistic Poetry if it's Free Verse? With misgivings I'll try.


NARAL is frantic! Defeat looms chillingly.

Roe vs. Wade. Is it gasping its death throes?

Is their nightmare now happening? Could abortion be outlawed?

so they're whistling in the dark.

“We have a trump card and we’re ready to use it!”

“It would guarantee abortion rights once and for all!”

“We’d never again have to fight for our pro-choice stand.”


What is it? a bill before Congress, Senators Boxer and Nadler.

If it passes, Congress could never rule

on abortion rights again,

so they seem to believe.


It's the Freedom of Choice act, to protect “Constitutional rights,”

but if the Constitution can’t be depended on

an act of Congress can?




NARAL  originally stood for the "Nat’l Ass’n for Repeal of Abortion Laws," but after those laws were repealed by the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision they changed it to “Nat’l Abortion Rights Action League.” Now they face the grim prospect of changing it back again.




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Space Background 2


My atheist friend once smirked "It seems odd

to say your God created the universe.

Just explain to me please, who created God?”

he said smirkily. His question seems terse

but meaningless unless he has the answer,

for the fatal cancer

of his logic is this: The universe exists!

And throughout all the lists

of its possible sources

by non-godly forces

like a speck of matter that banged a Big BANG!!

Who created the speck? Or perhaps we all sprang

from aliens from some other dimension.

Whence did they come? Who began their ascension

to us? How else to explain it

but by some cosmic Knowledge? Just no way to feign it!

Knowledge existed! That's easy to show

for had He not persisted  there'd be no one to Know,

and we Judeo-Christians, through these many millennia

have prayed to that Knowledge through  joys and through many a


 found strength there, and love, while through ages we've trod.

(And we who speak English have named Him - our God.)


For anything as down-to-earth as punditry it's important to keep the grammar up to current usage. I did say "That Knowledge existed is easy to show-" but then changed the inverted sentence structure to "Knowledge existed! That's easy to show-."


DO SAY "Preacher, the church sure looks beautiful this Easter."
DO NOT SAY "But why do you always decorate with poinsettias or lillies?"

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(and after writing the above I found a fascinating website;     that suggested another idea: ) But before you click the link you must promise to return here.

O.K., here are two questionable rhymes. "begin it" rhymes with "infinite" ONLY if you stress  the 2nd syllable of infinite.  And "nothin'" just plain doesn't rhyme with "somethin'" but I'm pretending it does, based on the two words fitting so naturally together.

"I used to look for the perfect Church, and when I found it I joined."
"But   then it wasn't perfect anymore."

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Genesis Chapter One
verse 1. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
(and the grass and herbs and  trees,
and the creatures of the seas,
and fowl, that fill the skies,
and beasts - both gals & guys,
and bugs of every detail
and mankind - both male & female)*
verse 31.  ........and the evening and the morning were the sixth day.
    to which someone has added -
Then He saith "I couldn't use EVOLUTION. Just couldn't!
And even if I could, well I just plain wouldn't.
Couldn't have caused one species or other
to evolve into another
by the forces of NATURE, for NATURE is foreign
to God (that includeth both floren & faunen)
and I couldn't use those natural laws
(I myself have created) to evolve feet from paws
or evolve feathers to furs
or his's to her's.
And if I would do so, then some folks insist
that I would have proven I simply don't exist!"
    Well, Why?
RhymeCon has had nary a course in biology
or a PhD in paleontology,
    but -
I wouldn't ask a scientist to explain absolution,
or a clergyman to teach evolution.
Evolution? Exactly why should I mind it
as long as God was behind it?
*And if you object that "detail" doesn't rhyme with "female" because the final unstressed syllables rhyme but are not identical, please  and then press BACK button to return here.

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The Christian Right Under Attack


Marriage is an unknown thing, it has no definition.

Two men  or two women- or a guy with three wives? (Let's just be democratic.)

Hollywood says “Yes” to the former; “Yes” to the latter is TV’s  position.

The Christian Right says “No.”  Wow! Every fundy's a screaming fanatic!


The liberals blessed us decades ago with the sexual revolution,

till society’s standard, the traditional family, quickly turned regressive.

Now unwed maternity’s become the norm, but society’s retribution

is against the Christian Right, who hates anything progressive.


The ACLU helps the pedophiles. ACLU hates the Boy Scouts.

NOW demands rights from the moment of birth, but not one second before.

Americans United defends religion except the rights of the "outs,"

those despicable fundies; if we'd let them have rights, they'd stomp all your rights through the floor.



 is a really handy resource and I keep their icon on my desktop - just click on "Need Help Rhyming?" and then enter a word you're trying to rhyme. It's not too usefull with rhyming words based on a . It also gives synonyms but isn't too great on that either, in my opinion. You're better off investing in a copy of Roget's Thesaurus, (infinitely better than the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus).

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ACLU Supports Terrorist Rights



A paraphrase of


Bush has rolled back every civil right!

The despised Christian Right has the ear of the white house!

The courts have now sunk to their murkiest night.

The gleams as our only lighthouse.

 Join us today! Defend the rights of minorities.
Al Qidists deserve their telephone privacy!

Terrorist rights are our paramount priorities.
When  under attack, never tighten security.

 No president has done such a thing until now!

(Well, FDR locked whole families up in their

but only four years, and a mere hundred thou,

besides, he and his cohorts were civil rights liberals.)


Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of a pedophile,

who's a MINORITY luring a boy to his den and needs our help when brought up for trial,

when accused of a crime or when being sued by the -trained-rapist’s victims.

He's innocent when he's viewed under our (and the child molester’s) dictums.

"I do not understand their thinking," expounded one of our lawyers,

but that's O.K. He didn't say they're human society's destroyers.

They're totally within their rights training OTHERS to rape and kill,

(thus if you’d hire someone to kill your wife, then you'd be innocent still.)




ACLU worked Pro Bono for the NAMBLA pedophiles but in another case (next below) charged the Boy Scouts (as losers in ACLU's trial against them) $950,000 for court & Attorney fees.



Crush the Boy Scouts of the U.S.A!

They’ve proved they are naught but

It’s unconstitutional to say what they say.

We’ll testify they have bats in their attics.


We’d support them if they were

or denied God’s existence

or were gay rights protesters.

But they’re missing on about half of their pistons.


Do they think Freedom of Speech is for such as THEY

when they refuse to think like the ACLU?

They don’t even repeat what we tell them to say!

So they leave us no choice! We are going to sue.


We’ll shut down their meetings, give their campouts our axes,

stop their charitable gifts, leave them dry as a bone.

They’ll pay fees to THEIR lawyers (OURS are paid by your taxes)

Scouts, renounce your free speech! Then we’ll leave you alone.




The Boy Scouts of America encourages all religions to honor their scouts with  religious service awards  according to whatever requirements that faith chooses to prescribe. A scout can earn a  Unitarian-Universalist, Catholic, Bahai, Jewish,  various Protestant, Zoroastrian, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist award among many others. This, to ACLU, makes Scouts a religious organization and makes any  governmental support for them an act of Governmental Establishment of an official Religion and makes the Scouts the arch enemy of the ACLU - far worse than child moleters.

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DO SAY "The City of Schenectedy needs an official song."
DO NOT SAY "Yer foot bone schenectedy yer ankle bone-"
We, of the , wield clout!

Of Judge Roberts we vowed to fight his appointment

and give the conservatives a punch in the snout

and be the fly in the President's ointment.


Almost triumphed in the Senate, In the last referenda!

Seven votes out of 100! That proved we were tough!

Then of  Miers, we fought her conservative agenda

till she lost for not being conservative enough.


Now comes Alito. We are shaking the fist!

That chauvinist Bush! He named a WHITE MALE!

He's a racist, a sexist, 100% cronyist.

Condoleeza and Bush should both be in jail.


Based on NOW website (MONDAY 1/30/06)

Ha! Ha! They said that there won't be a filibuster.

But we made it happen! They were all bluster.

Because of us, Senators Kennedy and Kerry

are blocking the vote. We're so strong that we're scary!


Based on NOW website (Wednesday 2/1/06)

What the *#^@! Where'd that filibuster go to?

Now Alito's confirmed. Where'd that quid pro quo flow to?

They promised it to us! They didn't deliver.

We get no respect. What are we? chopped liver?


NOW once lost respect. Their derision of women,

(Paula Jones , Kathleen Harris), made them look like a lemon.

Now their rebirth of power  proves the phantasmagoriam

of the National Org. Against Women, (in Memoriam).




(OF COURSE that word's in my daily vocabulary. Besides, what else rhymes with memoriam?)

 notes: Providing a link to the applicable N.O.W. web page gives authenticity. Except for the curse of the links - linking to somebody else's website means your link might be broken at any time.  

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To misquote a poem I read on a poetry website:
    "If the tax rate goes down, filling some with regret, 
    but the economy improves, more tax revenue we'll get."
O.K., The original wasn't even about taxes, but I left intact the horribly inverted sentence structure. I'd suggest a PoeticPundit must use English as it's commonly spoken.